Health360 was founded on the principle that well-being should be nurtured from all 3 foundations of health: medical evaluation, fitness, and nutrition. Health360 believes health and wellness should be one-on-one and employee focused. We know that by placing employee’s health first we will be able to increase productivity, lower health costs, and improve morale. We are a unique company with a very special set of services unlike most in the industry. Contact us today for a meeting to learn more.


Creating a healthy workplace by energizing employees involves planning, collecting, caring, and reporting. Here’s our 4 step process to creating a custom fit program for you and your employees:
PLANNING: Our experienced wellness professionals will sit down with you and any key stakeholders to develop an action plan that includes a timeline of implementation, customized services, and mutually agreed upon measurable goals.
COLLECTING: Health 360 jump starts healthy behaviors via health fairs. Health risk assessments and biometric screenings are personally done by our clinically trained health specialists to identify and educate each employee to begin managing their personal risk factors.
CARING: Our health care professionals ensure each employee is achieving their optimal health via scheduled medical or nutrition one-on-one consultations on-site. Blood pressure is assessed at each medical visit and if needed new medications are coordinated with their primary care provider.
REPORTING: Health 360 is focused on keeping your employees healthy and we want to convey that message everyday to our employers. We hold ourselves accountable for each employee we care for by tracking research proven clinical measures at each visit and reporting back to you periodically on our progress.



Health360 will guarantee employers will see at least a 200% return on investment by the end of 1 year for each $1 invested in health and wellness.